Energy Efficiency Is A Win-Win For Both Landlords & Tenants

Energy Efficiency Is A Win-Win For Both Landlords & Tenants

Is there a way of helping landlords, tenants, and our planet at the same time, and for FREE? Oh yes, there is.

At Absolute, we not only care for our landlords and tenants, but we also care for our planet.
At the end of the last year, we started to work with a company called Be Great Energy Solutions, which is helping our landlords to improve their properties with ECO materials, helping our tenants to save on their monthly bills, reducing our carbon footprint and it is completely free of charge to them all. Occasionally the landlord has to make a very small contribution (£100 - £200), but it is nothing compared to what they gain.

How do they do it?

Be Great Energy Solutions is working closely with our local council, which is providing grants available to property owners, completely backed up by the UK government.

The team at Be Great is providing FREE eco loft insulations worth around £1000, eco electric storage heaters worth £500 - £850 each, and eco cavity and inner wall insulation worth also approx. £1000.

This can save our tenants around £250 per year on electricity bills.

It is a fantastic win-win situation for everyone as we are not only improving homes, reducing monthly bills but also reducing carbon footprint, which is a big topic these days, as we all know that our planet needs us now more than ever before.

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