Seven Ways to Turn Your Torbay Home Into An Instant Hit With Buyers

Seven Ways to Turn Your Torbay Home Into An Instant Hit With Buyers

A 90-second speed read.

Let’s be honest here people, we all make snap judgments.

Most of us have picked up a book and put it down because we didn’t like the cover.

And yes, love at first sight is rare, but ask one of the UK’s top actors, Idris Elba, if it exists.

The Luther star said the first time his eyes locked onto his wife-to-be he fell head over heels.

If you’re thinking of selling your home, you must create an instant attraction rather than a fatal distraction.

Here are seven super simple ways to add some kerb appeal to your property.

  1. Clean your front door and ensure the letterbox, knocker/bell are in good working order.
  2. Have a good quality welcome mat outside.
  3. Make sure your windows are clean – inside and out.
  4. If your window frames are in poor condition, this will put LOTS of buyers off. Get them cleaned and/or repaired.
  5. If you share any communal areas, make it your responsibility to keep them tidy while you’re selling.
  6. Think about how your home looks at any time of the day, so consider outdoor lighting to show it in its best light.
  7. Ask a frank friend. You know the one who tells you the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, what they think your home looks like from the outside.

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